Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wet N Wild On Cloud Nine Palette

I've heard about the Wet N Wild eye shadow palettes being really great and not just because they're cheap, but I've never picked any up. Mostly because the Target I go to doesn't carry Wet N Wild. I was out at CVS though and finally picked two up, and they really do live up to all the talk. If you're looking for a drugstore eye shadow palette, get the Wet N Wild ones! This one is On Cloud Nine, which has two blue shades and a brown. They tell you where to apply the shadows, but I find those kind of things tiresome, so I thought I'd try something a little different. That way, when you pick this up, you can follow their directions and mine and have two looks ready to go. =)

1. Apply a light wash of the dark blue on your top lid.
2. Pat the brown onto the outer half of the top lid and a little into the crease as well. Just keep patting it into place until you get the desired brown color you want.
3. Apply the light blue on your inner corner and extend a little ways into the crease and down around the inner third of your bottom lash line. I also brightened up the dark blue in this step.
4. Apply liner to the top lashes and bottom waterline, and just add mascara. Simple!