Monday, October 28, 2013

Lorac Pro Palette

A little bit of a crazy, out of the normal, look for me today. Actually, I kind of enjoyed doing this one. I don't think I'd ever wear it anywhere, but I'm sure some people would. I'm just not the type to wear a ton of eye makeup. This look is using my absolute favorite Lorac Pro palette. If you're looking for a new palette and don't have this one. Buy. it. now. Seriously. I really really love it. In fact, I think you'll probably be sick of me using it. =) Anyways, let's just jump into the crazy...

Step 1: Apply Champagne all over your lid. Add a touch of Lt. Bronze over the top.
Step 2: Apply Mauve in your crease and extend it up a little further than you would normally go. Don't blend with the color on you lid.
Step 3: Apply Pewter in your crease and on the outer third of your lid. Don't blend this either. To make sure it didn't have any weird lines, I just used my brush (E55) to pat the shadow on and the lines where the colors meet.
Step 4: This is where we get a little crazy (and crazy looking - seriously). Apply Black on your bottom lash line getting thicker after you hit the half way point. You'll want to make sure the line isn't too harsh, but you don't want it soft either. I used an E30 brush to kind of help me with this. It's precise, but not too much. The other thing you'll want to make sure you do is apply the color right next to your waterline (so that when we line the waterline, there won't be any gaps in the color). I took a flat angled brush (E65) and basically pressed the color down on my lashes, right next to the waterline.
Step 5: Apply black on your top lash. This one gets hard to explain because where you apply it is going to depend on the shape of your eye. For me, I created a line from the center of my eye just below my crease to the outer corner of my eye. (Most people should just make this line in their crease though.) Then I started adding color and blending out, keeping that line in place and blending/fading the color more as I went outwards.
Step 6: Apply liner to the top lash line and waterline. I used Maybelline's Unstoppable on my waterline and started the top line with Maybelline's Master Precise, but quickly found out that it wasn't applying easily since I have so much shadow on. I switched to Tarte's gel liner which worked way better.
Step 7: To highlight my inner corner, I used a combination of Champagne and White. I didn't want to it to be a flat matte color, so I started with Champagne which is super shimmery. Then I applied the White shadow on top. I also applied the inner corner highlight a little further out than I normally would to give it a real pop. And of course, lastly, apply mascara. This would be a great look for false lashes if you have them, but if you're anti-false lashes like me, I suggest using L'Oreal Carbon Black mascara. It's the blackest mascara I've ever had and gives me the thickest lashes too. You do have to really work with the mascara, but I personally think it's way worth it for looks like this where you need a lot of mascara.

I finished this look with Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Plum underneath Benefit's Rockateur. On my lips I have Maybelline Pearly Pink over Victoria's Secret Glossy Tint in Boudoir Pink. Apparently it was a layering kind of day. =)