Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Cranberry Look

I was looking for a drugstore palette with a cranberry color like this one and it was surprisingly hard to find, in fact this was my only option at Target. Overall it's okay. The cranberry color is good, but I couldn't seem to build the brown enough. Since the palette seemed a little boring to me once I got done with the shadows, I decided to add a pop of blue to put a twist on a traditional fall look. I wish the blue was a little darker on my waterline, but I still think this is a pretty look.

Step 1: Apply the cranberry color over the whole lid.
Step 2: Apply the dark brown in the crease and the outer quarter of your top lid.
Step 3: Take the same brown and apply it on the outer third of the bottom lid and bring it up into the color on the top lid.
Step 4: Highlight the inner corner with the cream color. Then apply the beige color under the eye, filling in the rest of the lower lash line.
Step 5: Apply a black eye liner on the top half of your lid. I used Maybelline Master Precise. Then apply a blue liner on the waterline. I used Rimmel Special Eyes in Navy Blue, which didn't come out as a navy blue at all, so if you're looking for something darker, I wouldn't recommend this one.
Step 6: Curl your lashes and apply mascara!