Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maybelline Color Whisper

Let's talk about the Maybelline Color Whispers. In my last catch up post, I confessed that I went a little crazy in the lip department and it mostly revolved around the whispers. These are seriously great! If you want to see swatches of the entire collection, Jennifer's youtube video has it all, so no need for me to repeat that here, but I thought I'd go through the ones I have an give you my thoughts on them.

First though, the Color Whispers are all sheer lip colors, which you can build and get really dark. The consistency is light, but builds to be a little more on the glossy side without any stickiness. They do have a scent, or flavor rather, that is what I would call fruity. It reminds me of fruit loops. Most days I don't notice it, but there have been times that it gets to be a little too much for me. I wouldn't say they're long lasting because they're sheer, but I don't really mind that I need to re-apply. They remind me of more of balm in that way. If you're looking for something that has a bit of a color that's a step up from a balm, the Maybelline Color Whispers are the way to go.

Orange Attitude - This is one I purchased but haven't tried. It's a very daring shade for me being that it's orange. No way around it. I'm hoping it'll be slightly wearable being that these are sheer, but I'll have to let you know. I just thought it'd be a fun shade for spring.
Pink Possibilities and Coral Ambition - These 2 I bought a while back, probably last summer when I was looking for really light sheer colors that just give your lips a touch of color. Both of these will be great for spring with their light colors - the first is a light, but bright, pink and the second is a light more orange-y coral.

Who Wore It Red-er - Tied for my #1 favorite. Judging it by the name and the shade in the tube, I would not normally pick this color. It's red and I rarely do a red lip. I don't know what I was thinking, but I purchased it and am so happy I did. On the lips, this is really a pink with a hint of red. It's so unique in that way and will forever be a staple in my lip collection. I have noticed that it seems to get a little more on the red side as the day goes by and I re-apply, but still stays more on the pink side.
Pin Up Peach - Another favorite. I find myself reaching for this one the most right now, especially with spring right around the corner. It's a sheer, wearable coral that seems to go with just about anything.
Rose of Attraction - I find this to be a true rose color that you can build. While it's a good color, I find myself reaching for others in the collection that have a similar feel, like the Pin Up Peach for a bit more coral, or Who Wore It Red-er for a bit brighter shade.

Made-It Mauve - This one's similar to Lust for Blush which has more pink in it. This one is a bit more brown. I like it, but, again, find myself reaching for Lust for Blush and forgetting this one.
Lust For Blush - This is one of my favorites. It's what I would call a "your lips but better" color. It's a very dusty rose color that gives your lips just a little more color when on.
Mocha Muse - This one is a nudish brown color. I haven't worn it much at all because it's not really the typical color palette I wear, but I didn't have anything like this one, so I picked it up.

A Plum Prospect - The scary purple packaging and color in the tube. It's not purple though - not even the slightest bit. It's funny because I was actually looking for this EXACT shade but didn't know how to describe it. I just knew it wasn't anything like what I had. This one has about the same brightness as Who Wore It Red-er and is conveniently also tied with it for my #1 favorite. It's a bright pink with just a hint of purple. Yeah, it might be my favorite. Get this one. Seriously.
Oh La Lilac - A light purple/lilac that's perfect for spring, because, well, that's what I bought it for. The sheer color makes this pretty wearable, so I wouldn't shy away from it just because it really is a lilac.

Overall, my recommendations are A Plum Prospect, Pin Up Peach, Who Wore It Red-er, and Lust For Blush. But really they're all fantastic. I know I'll be buying more of the collection, they're just that good. =)