Monday, November 11, 2013

Neutral Eye using Stila's In The Light Eye Shadow Palette

A while back I received a sample of the Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette and had meant to try it, but just never got around to it. Well I pulled it out about a week ago and thought I'd do some tutorials with it to decide whether I liked it enough to purchase it. So I did a couple and then my computer decided to hate me and delete pictures on my chip. We still can't figure out what went wrong. It was the strangest thing - it renamed the chip and deleted some, not all, just some. So this is actually my second time around with this tutorial. Good thing I liked this palette! It's actually a pretty good neutral palette. When I went to Ulta to pick it up, one of the workers said it was actually her favorite right now. It also comes with a dark brown eye liner, which I REALLY liked. It's super creamy and reminds me of my favorite Maybelline Unstoppable, but better. If you're looking for a neutral palette, this one is good. I'd still recommend the Lorac Pro first, but this one would probably be good if you were looking for more browns.

Step 1: Apply Bliss all over lid.
Step 2: Apply Sandstone in crease and outer 1/3 of your top lid.
Step 3: Use Kitten as your inner corner highlight and extend down a little. Apply Sunset on the rest of eye of the lower lash line and add a little dab in the center of top lid.
Step 4: Apply Ebony as your top eye liner.
Step 5: Lastly, curl your lashes and apply mascara.