Friday, November 1, 2013

Bright Color Look using Sigma Eye Shadows

Look at those bright colors! And you thought it was fall... Actually, I got a sample from Sigma back in August and it got tucked away and forgotten about. Oops! It had such bright colors in it that I thought I'd do a fun bright look. And as I was doing this, you know what popped into my head? Whitney's talk about unicorn puke. Yes, unicorn puke. I believe it was in talk about the crazy colorful running shoes they've recently come out with, but that's all I could think about. And really it just made me happy. =) lol. Back to the makeup. The shadows are a-ma-zing. So amazing that I've already ordered them, so you can expect more colorful tutorials. And maybe some not so colorful ones too. If you haven't checked out Sigma yet, they're a local Minnesota company, which of course makes them so much better. =) Just kidding. (Not about the Minnesota part.) They've been known for their brushes for a while and have just recently expanded into makeup, and it's great. Really. Go check them out. And now on to some unicorn puke.

Step 1: Apply Grasp all over lid.
Step 2: Apply Allure in the crease and blend up and out leaving a defined line in the crease. I took this all the way down to the inner corner so that when my eye is open, it just peaked out in the inner part of the lid.
Step 3: Apply Notre Dame on the outside edge. This is just a sparkly shade, not too pigmented, so I just kept applying until it muted the colors to my liking. (Bonus: it turned the pink slightly purple - another color!)
Step 4: Apply Act on lower lash line and bring up to connect it with the color on the upper lid. I also added a touch of Notre Dame on the outside edge to add a little sparkle.
Step 5: Apply Versailles as an inner corner highlight, but only apply it on the bottom half. You want the violet to still peak out instead of having the highlight there.
Step 6: Apply eyeliner. I started by using the Maybelline Master Precise and found out that I definitely needed it not so defined, so I just used a pencil over the top to give it an almost smudged effect. It was at this point where I was in full on unicorn puke mode and had to seriously restrain myself from using a glitter liner. I was successful, so you're welcome. =)
Step 7: Mascara. And since I didn't get to use the glitter liner, I popped some white liner on my waterline to brighten the look even more.

Finally, put on your princess crown (aka 2 sparkly headbands) and back that azz up with Whitney!
PS. If you haven't checked out Thomas Rhett's new album, you must do it now. It's got a little bit of something for everyone, and it doesn't hurt that's he's got an amazing voice. I may or may not have had it on repeat since it came out on Tuesday.

It Goes Like This by Thomas Rhett on Grooveshark