Friday, December 13, 2013

L'Oreal Nail Polish and Magic Top Coats

I have been loving light nail polishes lately. I will fully admit that it has something to do with how horrible the tips of my fingers and nails look from playing guitar so much. I'm keeping them super short right now and they get so dry. (Does anyone have a good solution for this?) So I think dark polish looks a little silly on my nails, at least right now. Enter light polishes.

Okay, so only one of these is actually a polish. The other three are what L'Oreal is calling, Magic Top Coats. These are, from left to right, Wishful Pinking, The True Diamond, The Matte Velvet, and The Shift Me. The swatches below (excuse my awful looking nails) are two coats of Wishful Pinking, one coat of The True Diamond on top of Wishful Pinking, one coat of The Matte Velvet on top of Wishful Pinking, and two coats of The Shift Me by itself. I love how light polishes give a more natural look to your nails but don't leave you feeling naked, and these ones are all really great, especially for the price.

Tiffany has swatches of these 3 top coats (and the others in the collection) here over the top of a darker blue polish, so you can see the different effects these can have.